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LED Round Background Retro Return light


Input voltage:  AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power:  600W
Light source:  256 pieces of 0.4WRGB, 316 pieces of warm white, 60 pieces of warm white + amber 0.8W lamp beads, no ultraviolet radiation
The service life of the LED light source can reach more than 80,000 hours
Output: 34,000lm
Beam angle:  120 degrees
DMX mode:  1/8/14/51/55/64 DMX channel, SPI point control RGB.
16 bit dimmer
Operation mode:  DMX mode / master-slave mode
Cooling:  silent fan
Overheat protection:  uses temperature sensor to effectively extend the life of the lamp
LED refresh rate:  1,000Hz LED refresh rate
Size: Length: 660mm Width: 690mm Diameter: 350mm
Weight:  12KG
Effect:  The center light source is composed of 8 segments of white light and 1 segment of warm white amber LEDs. The outer ring light source is composed of 256 point-controlled LEDs, plus a warm white background light source; the frequency of the center light source, outer ring light source, and backlight can be controlled separately Flash, built-in various self-propelled effects; perfect golden and tungsten light effects


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